Saturday, December 6, 2008

There arose such a racket ~ Just like the story!

This happens every year in our subdivision. Santa comes in and rides around on a red firetruck tossing candy while the firetrucks horns and sirens make you think that your neighbors house is burning down. Fun for everyone!

I have not seen very many kids outside looking to get tossed a handful of candy but I can imagine our neighbors who have grandchildren living in other states awoken and scared out of there wits.

And what about this lovely sign on the back of the truck that glows in the darkness? Don't you think it would freak out the little kids who were actually awake at 9:00 PM. Nothing says Merry Christmas like Santa and a burning scull and ax.
Happy Holidays!

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MangoShel said...

ew that is creepy- the skull thing on the back. Did Paige run out and get any candy? :D miss you guys