Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nine lives and only one left

This has to be the luckiest cat ever. It had been stuck in this tree going on three days. It seems that every one on our block has called someone to get the stray out of the tree to no avail. The firemen here don't get cats stuck in trees down. The animal control people say they don't climb trees to get cats down. The animal shelters don't help stuck cats. We have heard this cat meow now for over two days. You think it's owners would have done something.

Well we told Mr. Hygiene about it and he was ready to climb the tree to get the cat and he is afraid of heights. I would not let him climb the tree, you have to protect your assets you know. He mad a few calls to a couple of tree service people and no one would do it. He even offered to pay. Well after a few hours of trying to find someone He found Joe Doyle at "A Tree Pro Services" in Apopka. He said that he would come out as soon as he could. Stacy went over the let the people who's tree was holding the cat that someone would be coming and when Stacy got over their one of the people who lived on that side of the block said that it was their neighbors cat and they were not doing anything about it. Stacy said they needed to call the tree people and take care of it them selves.

Long story short the cat came down the fast way, after the branch it was on was cut off of the tree. The branch was over 50 feet high in the tree and like the saying goes the cat landed on all 4 feet and took off like a bat out of hell. I guess Mr Kitty still has a few lives left.

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Em! said...

Awwww, that poor cat...I wonder how it even got up in the tree..