Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fa la la la...

I really don't think much makes me more happy when I stand up to take a photo in a crowd of over a thousand and my daughter can find me and smile in a blink of an eye for my photo. It almost makes my heart melt. She knows me so well... but enough about me.

Paige and her school sang again at Epcot this year, she will be going back on Christmas day to sing as well. It was fun to see and see all the people who come just for the concerts at Christmas time. They lady next to be says she comes up from Miami every year. It was a beautiful concert and well worth using an Epcot ticket to go and see.

I did not like Epcot before we moved here but the more I go the more I like it. I could not believe how packed it was. I mean packed! Not to mention freezing as well. I think it was below 45° before we left for the night. Yep, it has happened I am a officially a Florida wimp now when it comes to cold temperatures. Only took a little under 4 years for it to happen. I even wore a scarf, and had layers on. Yep it is official. Wimp.

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Lisa said...

Uncle Floyd likes your pony tail!
It must be a Florida thing!