Saturday, December 27, 2008

Champs Bowl

Our second Football game in December...The only good thing about that is to be surrounded by fans that are from Wisconsin, the best nicest fans in the world!

How do you get the job of the ladder holder in the band... Do you play that badly that this is the only job they will let you have. What are the qualifications?
Um, I held the ladder for my dad when he hung the Christmas lights... I also held a Stop and Slow sign for 8 hours a day during the summer at my last job and some times I had to turn it.

The other team that played brought a horse I guess it is there mascot or something. It was a beautiful horse and I don't know how it did so well with all the noise and fireworks that kicked off the game.

I wonder how a badger would have done?

I would like to have a Bucky Badger megaphone to go with my plain black one. I know who needs two right?

Oh yes and there was some football being played as well.

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