Friday, December 26, 2008

Paige the bird whisperer

I love this photo of Paige. The birds were following her around because we brought some stale crackers to feed them. I love it when the beach is empty for the most part because we can feed the birds without someone getting upset because of the racket they make. I think they are so much a part of the beach that a day with out them there is odd. The seagulls although a pest once you open any food are entertaining and interesting to watch. They make beach photos complete.

Oh, also I thought you would like to know that it was 80°F today at the beach, a calm wind kept it from feeling hot and the rays from the sun were wonderful...So all of you with the snow and wintery weather that I miss so much feel our pain as we suffer here in Florida the day after Christmas.


Leisa said...

love this photo, but the child looks a tad bit "naked"

MangoShel said...

aw I miss summer!!!!!!!!!!!! so much.

Poppy said...

Leisa that is why the photo is small!