Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where to begin...

First, a little history...
When we lived in Michigan over 7 years ago, we lived down town over a small flower shop named Blossom Land, it was a great loft apartment. Our neighbors were some of the owners of the shops downtown. One of the shops Green Wellies was our favorite to visit because of the wonderful pond and beautiful plants in the courtyard of the shop during the summer growing season. Over the years of living there we started having "after Hours" in the summer with the shop owner Leisa, Heidi and Ruthie from the travel agency two doors down and it was great weekly tradition. We would take turns bringing wonderful food and drinks after the shop closed and we would sit by the pond and talk about life, what happened that week, share old stories and laugh, laugh, laugh. It was a little break from work, life, the kids and men.

Leisa had mentioned that she would like to have an "after hours" for Heidi on her 40th birthday and the rest is now history. I found a great price on airline tickets and that was all it took.

Leisa and I started cooking for the event on Thursday. We both love to cook and thought an event like Heidi turning 40 required good food.

Here is Heidi enjoying her fresh, homemade food.

The menu included:
Black eye pea salad

Couscous with homemade citrus-ginger dressing goat cheese and garden fresh peas

Cucumbers in sushi vinegar

Fresh greenhouse tomatoes

Salt-top Rye from Bit of swiss


Baked Artichoke dip* (*Photo missing, substituted photo of spinach dip from another night)

Olive Focaccia

Cream Cheese Pound Cake with fresh Michigan Strawberries

Assorted drinks in the appropreiate colors

Cake was served, Happy Birthday was poorly sung

GIfts were given

Friends gathered

Fish calmed...

...and Heidi turned 40. Happy birthday Heidi, Just wait until your 50!


Lisa & Family said...

Wow, what an amazing party! Looks like Great times!

KC Tom said...

What beautiful photos of good food and your good friends. The open-air garden shop looks lovely. The old downtown looks charming. So glad I don't live there anymore. Don't miss a thing about it, except living close to you guys.