Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Delton ~ Gone in 4 hours

When do you hear of a lake emptying? We we on vacation in Wisconsin when a lake decided to empty and take a few houses with it. I have never heard of such a thing and of course I had to go and see for myself.

Well here are the photos to show that it is in fact empty. I know it was on t.v. but it just seemed unbeleiveable.

Paige, my trusty side kick and I had to explore and walk the edge of the non-lake and I am so glad that we did. To see this in person is a breath taking event. I think she will remember it the rest of her life, I know I will.

A few days of torrential rain sent the 267-acre lake rushing through an embakment that was holding up Highway A'.

Paige and I were standing down in the lake about 15 feet below this dock.

It is hard to see how dry the lake was. It is a little deciving to see the photos they make the mud look like water.

This was all the water left that we saw, and a few unfortunate fish.

Here is a video of it from u-tube it is so unbeliveable.


MangoShel said...

Wow that is so weird. That's so sad that those people's houses just floated away. Oh btw I put pics of my new light up!

Lisa & Family said...

I saw this on TV, so strange.
I can't imagine that happening to me. How devastating!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill: You do a really good job on your website. I also saw Lake Delton when we were back for Wisconsin Campmeeting. Very sad indeed. Paige is getting old that must mean we are getting old too LoL. Is she a Junior or a Senior this year? Hope all is going well for you and yours. Love, Carm