Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where am I?

This is a nice view. What body of water is it?

Where are my feet?

I love the beach, what beach is this?

Hello from here!

Kids jump from here?

This flower cart has been here for years, where is it?

Where can I find some Salt top Rye?

Where are these?

Aren't these cute!

Where is this Parked?

Who lives on this street?

Where am I now?


Lisa & Family said...

I know where you are. Hope your having a great time, i know your enjoying your break from the heat. Wish we could see you too!

MangoShel said...

Well I thought you were in MI this last week, but your pic looked tropical. Anyway we've missed your blogging the last week. There's been no one to comment me! :D Looks like you had/are having a great time!
Shell Bee