Monday, June 30, 2008

Day at the beach

A few of Paige's friends were going and that is the only thing we needed to hear to pack the cooler and go. The big beach at Clearwater was packed and there was no parking anywhere so we drove down a little and found a spot that was walking distance to the big beach and had parking for all of us. We also had a spot that had steps down to the water and there were hardly any people. Tim found a live hermit crab still in its shell. I have not seen a wild hermit crab before and it was pretty cool. It had barnacles growing and living on it, that was creepy! barnacles look like they are from another planet.

Here are Katie D, Patricia, Alyssa, Paige, Raquel, Phillip and Yasmin having lunch sitting right on the edge of the wall that went down to the water. It was a great view and not as much sand as having lunch right on the beach.

Love the pile of feet in this photo. Tim, Paige, Alyssa, and Andrew all had to pile in so I could get this photo.

Once again Tim. Paige, Alyssa, Andrew and Yasmin floating along side.

Love any day that we spend at the beach. We almost did not go because the forecast said 40% chance of T-storms, but that means 60% chance of a great day, and it was.


Leisa said...

you need to crop the 1 feet photo to just show feet. love it

Poppy said...


MangoShel said...

Hey Looks like fun! I wish we had beach here! I guess and friends they are all at camp. I CAN NOT WAIT TO COME!!!!!!! I am sorry I am going to say that in very comment until then. haha.