Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She loves to wash the car...

Just look at her enthusiasm! You would think she was watching golf. When I was her age I loved washing the cars with my dad or brother it was a blast. How did my parents do that, making us think that was fun? We really loved washing the cars.

On a different note I would like to take this time to have you look behind Paige at my beautiful lawn. Mr. Hygiene uses his grooming skills outside too. Not a hair... I mean blade out of place, not a blemish... oh I mean a weed in site. Mowed and trimmed by Mr. Hygiene himself, no lawn service here. Notice our neighbors lawn, large brown spots and they have lawn guys come every week. I should put out a sign "Lawn manicured by Mr. Hygiene." Kudos to you Mr. Hygiene for giving the lawn the spa treatment! Sorry Honey I just could not resist.

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MangoShel said...

Looks like oodles of fun. We are finally having warm/hot weather. anyway miss you all