Sunday, May 4, 2008

Officially prepared

We are now officially ready for hurricane season. Okay not completely prepared but getting closer. This grill is one of Consumer Reports best picks for overall quality, reliability and price. It makes it much easier to pick out something when you have the experts doing all the research for you. Our testing last night showed great results on the grill's part and room for improvement on the cook's part. No one died yet from food poisoning, that is a plus and the kids came back for more.

We had some of Paige's Novice rowers come over for a quick grill test and some quality bonding with the Wii. (No, not ours, we are still kickin' it old school with the Atari.) It was a good night and can you believe I did not take one photo. Stacy and I spent most of the night in the driveway sitting in our lawn chairs watching the TV that is in the garage, avoiding the noise level of a house full of kids and getting ready for our old age retirement here in Florida.


Anonymous said...

heidi asked...did you see jills new grill, my answer...oh, i thought it was a copy machine, guess its late at nite. rs in bs

Betsy said...

you have any room to hang out in the garage?