Friday, May 30, 2008

Love this Flower

I dont recall what this is but I bought it last spring. I thought I had killed it when our sprinkler system broke and it dried up, but I kept it in a pot in the back by a sprinkler head once it was fixed and look at the wonderful flowers it has now. The tips on the hot pink flowers are a wonderful bright green. Looks a little fiberoptic. Glad I did not give up on this little plant.


Lisa & Family said...

I love plants, and that sure is a beautiful one. I bought some plants yesterday - 2 holly hocks, a white bleeding heart to match my pink one, one on each side of the front door, and i think the other one is a Delphinium, i kinda forgot. I hope they do well, they will get lots of sun.
My spring Poppy's should be blooming any day now. Spring is finially here for us Wisconsinites.

MangoShel said...

OOoh I've seen those before. Do the leaves curl up when you touch them? Because my grandpa showed me some that were pink and looked like tht and the leaves curled up when you touched them. So cute!