Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good by Chalazion!

Paige is getting her Chalazion Removed tomorrow morning. We tried to have it removed a few weeks ago but Paige did not have luck with local anesthesia. She goes in tomorrow to have the Chalazion removed while under general anesthesia. The surgery should only take a half hour but Paige will miss a day of school. She is not happy about that. We will update you on her surgery and I am sure that we will have photos.


Sarah said...

Good luck with the surgery today, Paige.

MangoShel said...

Oh I thought it was in a few more weeks!!! Hope t went well and I bet you'll be so glad its out of your eye. Miss you love ya
PS banquet pics newly posted.

Leisa said...

I am so happy the "Clazone" is gone. We need to celebrate, I'll be right over!