Friday, July 25, 2008

Water... Water... and more Water!

We got all our ducks in a row and went to the water park early this morning.

The kids started it off in the lazy river and had a great time. This lady kept getting in the way of my photos.

Hello Logan!

This river goes all the way around the water park and has exits to let you off in the area you want to go to so you do not have to walk across the park.

We had a great time in the lazy river and did not want to leave. We went around and around, they kicked us out of the lazy river, I think we were the last ones in it. Once again I need to go to sleep. We have another long day tomorrow. Must get sleep...


Lorobo77 said...

That was fun! OK goodbye.

Leisa said...

I want to go on the lazy river...February perhaps? I'm great at spotting Speedo alerts!