Thursday, July 10, 2008

Does this bug you too?

I like to pay a fair price for a product and get what I pay for, don't you? Well I really hate how some companies are being dishonest and passing off less product for the same price. Here are two examples for you. You can see the whole story HERE. Also check out for other interesting ways we are getting shafted.


MangoShel said...

My dad JUST said the same thing two days ago. I'm so not kidding I got him some Breyer's at HyVee and later my mom said that it was smaller and I thought I'd gotten the wrong one, but he was just mad cuz it was smaller. So yes, it bugs me too.
shell bee

mariasangel said...

i noticed this a month or so ago--was outraged---what happened to the half gallons??? grrr