Sunday, July 6, 2008

Is it smiling at me?

Paige cam running into the house "mom come see" I know when words like that come out of her mouth that I need to grab my camera. This little guy was hanging out on out truck. They are not the easiest thing to take photos of, I am not ever sure where to try to focus. They are so delicate that I am never sure if I am in focus, so I take a million photos and hope that one is crisp.

The face on this guy is very cute. Looks like he is smiling and belongs in a Pixar film.


MangoShel said...

aw it looks like he has a cute face! How fun. They had tons of dragon flies down in OK and I have to say they sort of scare me when they fly past. haha.

Lisa & Family said...

And how was your 4th of July?
I bet you had great fireworks down there!
We had a fun and busy weekend, and safe! Great dragon fly photo, there sure are alot of them in Wisconsin, the girls hate them, they are creepy.