Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Sheri Berry Valentine

It's here, I know Sheri is very busy and was not sure she was going to make her Valentine this year. I am so glad it has arrived and she found the time in her 36 hour days to make them again. Sheri Seibold has been a friend of mine for years and years since 1987 when I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher in collage.

Quilters will be getting one of the first Sheri Berry - licensed products, a line of over 40 fabrics in cotton and flannel. The baby boy and girl-themed lines, named "Ethan Michael" and Emma Louise," will be shown by the manufacturer, Lyndhurst Studio/Northcott, at a quilting industry show in May. However, a chain of home decor stores in California called "Beverlys" has already placed an order for the flannels to be stocked in their 15 stores which carry fabric. If you don't live in California, the most likely place to find Sheri Berry fabrics in your area by mid summer is an independent quilting fabric store.


MangoShel said...

My mommy made that! she's great isn't she? She is almost in tears because she says "she was so nice about me" because she just read your post. Every day this week when she picks me up from school she says "well Jill didn't call yet I hope she got it" but we thought maybe because you had company. So now she's gald to know. Miss you guys

Sara said...

Thank you, Poppy, for your comment. This would be a good place to put Valentine in! Perhaps I'll make a
"Valentine takes a bath"...:-)

Sarah said...

I love the card! I visited Sheri's website and her fabrics are incredible!