Friday, February 1, 2008

Home is where the Art is

I finished my triangle banner finally. Wow! that took longer than I thought it would. I enjoyed every minute of making it except for the 4 times I ripped out the border on the first one I made and the 3 times I re-beaded one of the circles. I wish you could see the colors in person the beads just don't translate well in photos and you can not get the true colors to come through on the computer screen. The colors are a little richer looking and the sheen on the silk is a lovely addition to the feel of the banner, you just cant see that in a photo.

I am waiting to see how all the banners from the Triangle Banner Swap hosted by The Amazing Sara turn out. I have been watching their progress and love all the different triangles being made. I will love to see them all finished and I have gotten so much inspiration from seeing all the creativity being shared on the blog.


KC Tom said...

FINALLY something RELEVANT to my life on this blog! I have been looking for a way to artfully combine the beads, bangles, ric-rac, felt, pearls, and peacock feathers I've been secretly caching in my toolbox and now I have the answer! Maybe I should save my supplies so Stacy and I can work on ours together next time we come down! I'm envisioning a nice Craftsman tools logo to hang over the workbench?

My birthday was terrific--good homemade dinner with the family, featuring squirrel pate, squirrel stir-fry, and squirrel pot pie. No, actually it was Sheri's fancy tossed salad, euro breads and crackers, and gourmet toppings like hummus, artichoke dip, and some piquant chopped-olive confection--Thank you, HyVee, for three super flavors!

While we ate, we listened to my presents: Three great old LPs--two of them Frank Sinatra at his swinginest 50s/60s best, featuring many arrangements I'd never heard before. Ten cents each at the thrift store! Love 'em.

I have recently updated my blog about our garage project. Pictures and lots and lots of words at

Leisa said...

Great to see them all completed and strung. Will be even better to see them live and in person next Wednesday!

Poppy said...

kc tom~
I will get started on the banner for your workbench asap! Garage looks great!

MangoShel said...

Don't listen to him. lol I'd never eat squirrel, yuck! I updated mine and you can see what we did eat. Ok well you can see some of it. lol.