Monday, February 18, 2008

Lucky boy!

No, not because he is dating my daughter, well yes that is part of it but it's because he got a Jeep. I think Paige was more excited than Preston. Paige was looking for the lighted mirror, "what no lighted mirror?" "Hey look" she said "the windows roll down by hand." Paige it's a Jeep, a real Jeep. "Look a place for my phone." Preston looks great in his Jeep he got on Valentines day. His parents must really love him. Sorry Paige, your parents don't love you that much you'll have to be 18 before you get any kind of car and we are thinking a tank might be the right one for you.

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MangoShel said...

Yay a Paige Post :D ! He's so so so so lucky!!! And of course I mean because he's going out with Paige. Oh and that little fact that he got a car!! Yeah I will be with Paige not getting a car from my parents either. Bummer. I am crossing my fingers my mom will let me get my license this summer. Thanks for a Paige update!