Monday, February 11, 2008

Flea Market ~ Webster

The sign says it all. Get it all here.

This time I went to Webster I took Leisa, she has never been to a flea market...Yes never. No she does not live under a rock, its just not high on her list of things to do. She was a great sport and I even think she had a great time.

This reminded me of Shelby. I thought she would think this was cool so I snapped a photo for her.

It is also fun to people watch. Some people you know you would like to grab a cup of coffee and chat with for awhile these ladies were fun and looked like they were having as much fun as we were. Great table cloths and bed coverings. I hope they are there next time I go.

Some people are just interesting to see.

I love to see old package designs. Beautiful, cleaver colorful and cute. Who would not want to pick this up and see what well made item is inside. No, not easy to mass produce and easy to display, like the clear plastic that encases everything and cuts you when you try to open it.


Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Poppy!

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love your newsy blog... great fun! This flea market looks like a good one too. I'm going to Palm Springs this weekend and home to find some goodies.

Have a lovely week.


Holly Loves Art said...

PS - I LOVE the song playing on your blog too. What a cute little voice the singer has. :)

Dot said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog. I am always so happy when you visit! Glad you like the icicle doll you received of mine in the icicle doll swap. I love the one I got of yours. It is so earthy. Love the fabric. And the little saying printed on the fabric is such a special touch!

Did you use upholstery fabric? It looks wonderful!

MangoShel said...

Oh thank you for the SHELBY picture. I loved it! I was looking and all the sudden I thought Oh thats my name!!! YAY. :D