Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Masters

Stacy was lucky enough to get a ticket to The Masters this year. It was only for one day but he was excited none the less. He went to Augusta on Tuesday and then to The Masters on Wednesday. I was glad to see he wanted to take Paige's camera and had hoped he would snap a few photos. Well I was happily surprised to see he took over a hundred photos so I knew there would be a few good ones.

The greens were beautiful beyond words. Stacy still is going on about them and that was the first thing he told me on the phone when I talked to him on Wednesday night. I wish I could have seen them.

I love the dogwood trees in the background. I have had them on my wish list for awhile now, I might need to go and pick one up sometime soon.

Stacy knows me so well he took this photo knowing I would want to know what kind of things they serve there and how well he ate. That was so thoughtful of him and made me smile when I saw the photo. He had a Pimento cheese sandwich, an egg salad sandwich, a bag of chips, a cookie that he dropped in the grandstand that fell between the seats and he could not retrieve and a bottle of water. More than he usually eats but he told me that the egg salad sandwich was a backup in case he did not like the pimento cheese sandwich.

How could any golf event be complete without a Tiger siting? Pretty good photo Mr. Prince.

The golfers got to bring along their kids on Wednesday, some of the golfers let them tap in the ball. It disqualified them for the par 3 event or what ever it is but they seem not to care, Stacy said it was something to do with winning the par 3 would jinx them so they don't take it too seriously. How cute is this photo?

Stacy had a great time I wish I could have gone with him at least to see how beautiful it was, but I am glad that he got the one ticket. I did not know how hard they were to get and how lucky he was to get it, but he sure had a great time. Thanks for taking all the photos Mr. Hygiene, you did a great job and I love the Menu selection photo you took for me that was really nice!


Connie Campbell Caswell said...

Gorgeous! I'm surprised the prices are so reasonable for food at such a major event. After all that WA cafeteria food, it's a wonder that we would enjoy food with sophistication! I really enjoy your blog...beautiful:)

Sarah said...

Connie said what I was going to say...I can't believe those low menu prices!

Augusta looks absolutely beautiful!

Lisa said...

wow that place looks cool BUT! I didnt see any ATV trails? Floyd!