Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day in the Swamp

Yet another Regatta. It was one of the most exciting race days I can remember. We were lucky enough to be able to ride in a launch during the races and it is exciting to see them so close.

A big thanks to GAR for doing this for us! Paige had a very good flight with her 4 boat. They came from behind to over take the Varsity boat, it was a nail biting race.

Paige and her boys rigging their boat before their race not knowing what is lurking right under the water.

Here is the little gator who was lurking below waiting for one of the rowers to fall in and become lunch for his mom and siblings.

I over hear a Parent talking about how beautiful it was there and how they would love to build a house with the view of the lake between the trees. Ya it is a great place to build a beautiful house for a horror movie, I guess they have never really seen the woods up north to know that they are so mistaken. I would really get the creeps living in the swamp.

On another note, Happy Birthday Scott! only 8 more years until your 50!

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