Thursday, December 27, 2007


Okay, so this past week or so has not been the best for photo taking for me. I usually am the one snapping away doing what I do, take photos. For some reason I have left my camera battery at home once and on a different day my memory card. I really don't want to admit the day I totally left my camera bag sitting on the washer ready to go for a great day of photos on the beach. What is up with that? I will admit I did have a great time all of those days actually getting in the action and yes even in a photo taken by my sister in-law Lisa. Stacy was blown away that I actually let someone take my photo let alone pose for it. It shows how much I love my nieces and enjoyed every second with them, teasing them and hearing them say "that is what dad does". It could also say a lot of how much l Love my sister in-law. She is one of the nicest people on the planet.

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Lisa & Family said...

What a great day! It was a little cool & breezy. But the great company made up for it.
I wonder when we should plan this again. Not soon enough.