Thursday, December 6, 2007

Abuse! Abuse!

Paige has her doll from class for two days. It will cry when it is hungry, needs its nappy changed, needs to be burped and needs attention.

When it cries you put a key in its back and it stops. If you drop it shake it or leave it unattended it has an abuse light that goes off until the teacher resets it. When I picked up Paige yesterday from school we went to Publix to get some groceries. When Paige went to put the cart back for me I held to doll for her I decided to look at the box in the back of the doll and I did not know that you could not set it on its stomach. Well I set of the abuse light. You would think after raising a child for 15 years that you could manage to take care of a doll for 60 seconds. Oh well, I hope Paige will not get a bad grade because of me. I wonder if the teacher will laugh when she reads the note I am sending with Paige in the morning.


Shelby said...

Oh we have baby doll wee too but its next year and its for 7 days. Plus our dolls don't have all that high tech feeding thing and everything. lol. Oooh how's she wearing a tank top?? Its SNOWING here. I miss tanning. :( oh well I really like snow. good luck to paige with her doll. (what did she name it?) ttyl

Shelby said...

I mean baby doll WEEK, not wee. haha

shelby said...

That baby looks a little asian to me. lol.