Friday, April 1, 2011

Good cakes bad photos!

Stacy's office had a bake sale and this was the new cake on the menu.  Had to add a little flair to it because it is such a modest looking cake. Thanks to Sheri for the paper I turned into a banner to make it look as fabulous as it tastes.  Another shout out to Ina for an amazing recipe.  Fifty dollars was the price that took Old fashion banana cake home!  Wow!  I think I will add a banner to everything I cook now.

The other cake I made was a Cream Cheese Pound cake dusted with powdered sugar.  This is the tried and true cake that I go to for consistently pleasing every pallet.  I bought a new pan a few months and this was the first time I used it and was impressed with how well it turned out and came out of the pan.  I have to give Heidi a shout out for the beautiful ribbon she sent me a few years back it was the icing on the icing free cake to style and flair on the wrapping.  This cake did well at the bake sale and brought in forty dollars. (Just got the official sale price today and it went for fifty!!!! 04.08.11)

*I have to let you know that my camera is in the shop and I had to use a point and shoot camera so I apologizes for the bad photos.

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