Monday, March 7, 2011

San Francisco Here We Come!

We hit the ground running.  Off the airplane, in a cab, checked in the hotel, picked up our Muni passes, on the cable car, up a hill, down a hill and to the wharf.

Pier 39 was full of these cute little creatures.  They kinda remind us of Pearl napping.  It was fun to see them, hear them and watch them swim around.  Loved how they pilled on top of each other to find the perfect spot to sleep.

Went into Boudin to see them make bread. Paige loving Crabs the way she does found a friend right away.  I love how she make her eyes red to go with the hat.

Our hotel was right on two cable car routes, California and Powell.  I think it was the best possible spot to be for easy transportation in San Francisco. I will stay here again!  The Hotel was The Stanford Court Renaissance and I would recommend it to everyone.  Rooms were clean, staff very helpful and the concierge was so helpful.  It was a great beginning to our vacation.

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Shelby said...

Love your pictures :) Looks like so much fun!