Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sun, Fun and Great Parking!

The secret to great parking at the beach is getting there early. We found a great parking spot without driving round and round the lot. I also found this little car on the beach, looks like they had an all nighter at the beach.

Our day at the beach was made easy by this magnificent fishing cart that Mr. Hygiene got for us this past week. Only one trip from the truck to the beach with no heavy lifting or multiple trips to the truck. We worked a little on customizing it by adding a chair hook to the back, it can hold up to 4 chairs, its removable and adjustable as well as being a place to hold Stacy's sand wedge. I have more plans for this little cart but for now this is how it looks.

Just getting ready for his big glass of Lemonade. Casa de Prince is set and ready for enjoyment.

It was a very nice day. Wish I could go every day and someday I hope to have a little place on the beach.

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