Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Beagle strikes again

Can this already be the third year of egging people? The Prince family tradition continues and Easter Beagle Paige was in true form today. We had a few issues with egg distribution, I think it the spider webs, dog surprises and weeds did not help in even distribution.

We added two little girls to the egging this year it was particularly fun filling the eggs with girlie little surprises. We hear that the little girls loved it and the parents were pleasantly surprised as well. Hurray!

I do hope that the Easter egging continues even with Paige going away next year. We have more fun than you can imagine and we get so much enjoyment planning, sneaking and wondering what people think when they wake up and step outside. Yes there is an Easter Beagle Charlie Brown and she lives in Orlando.

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