Monday, January 25, 2010


I have felt good things about this year. Starting out the year almost completely pain free I can feel change in the air, I am lucky.

A few years back Heidi came to visit and we went to a art festival in Winter Park. She bought this lovely lucky horse shoe made by Betsy Youngquist. I have wanted one like it ever since. I looked for Betsy Youngquest every year since hoping to get one but she has not come back with her beaded art.

Well today her bead art came back to me. Heidi sent this amazing horse shoe to me for my birthday. I found a home for it right away, did not even take time to finish looking at the box of goodies she sent. I tried a few places and this is the place it wanted to live. I like it placed here because I will see it every time I walk into my living room, office and every night when I go into my bedroom. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts because Heidi loved it and still parted with it because she knew how much I loved it and wanted one. Thank you Heidi you are one of the most generous people I know and not because of this gift but you give from the heart. Thank you.

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heidi said...

You are way too kind. "Lucky" had suffered through enough Michigan winters, and decided it was time to go back home. I was just a foster mother of sorts until "Lucky" could find the perfect home... yours!!