Saturday, October 1, 2011

And they lived happily ever after...

I had the wonderful gift of full access to my Niece's wedding.  One way to be able to get the photos you want is to say you will take the photos.  This photo however was taken by my brother.  A photo that no one else could take and capture the moment so well like the father of the bride.

Lindsey and Liz, Alex's sisters were bridesmaids.  Jason, Scott's brother was best man.  It was nice and very special to have the wedding party be family, very sweet and personal.

Alex my Niece and Scottie her new husband made a beautiful bride & groom and God gave us a wonderful sunny day and a backdrop no church could rival.

I was a little skeptical about an October wedding outside in upper Wisconsin it could be cold and snowing or perfect.  It was perfect, although the wasps were a little excited to have a wedding in their house.

I almost missed this photo trying to swat the wasps away.  Luckily I got the shot and with that my job was over and I could relax.  Love the expression on the pastor's face.  He was quite the jolly fellow.

I had a wonderful time up north.  Wanted to stay forever.  I loved spending time with my brother and his family and it's never enough.   My location may be in Florida but Wisconsin will always feel like home.

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