Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Squirrel hunting begins

These little guys started to build a nest in our car so it is time for them to go.  Our neighbor has been hunting squirrels for the pas few weeks and cough over 34 of them in his yard alone.  He put a traps in his neighbors yard and caught 7.  Today I put one of his traps in our yard and started the squirrel removal process myself.  It was full before 9 this morning and the little critter was relocated by 10.  The trap is reset and ready to go.  You can hear the varmint chatter in the video, wish it was not such a pest I think they are so cute but they have to go. ( you can push pause on the music bar to the left so you can hear the noise coming form the cage.)

This was caught while I was recording it.  I got lucky.  This was less than two hours after I caught the first one this morning.  I hope it enjoyed the organic peanut butter and Mountain Medially before it's long trip...

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