Saturday, July 17, 2010

This year Paige turned 18.  How did that happen?  We had a small birthday party with a few of her close friends.  I usually do not do themes but this year it was Raspberry Lemonade.  The cake started it all so we will blame the cake.
Pink and yellow are fun to put together,  I tried to get her favorite candy for decoration so she could take it back with her to college after the weekend was over.
Nothing high end here for the party just a few hand made flowers and a string of garland worked just fine.  I made these while we sat on the beach earlier in the day before the party.  Fold, fold, fold, tie, cut, fluff shake out sand and repeat.
It was so nice having Paige home for her birthday and to have her friends around as well.  I can not believe how time flies, how fast they grow and how much we enjoy Paige.  She is such a wonderful person with such a big heart.  We are proud to call her our daughter.  Happy birthday Miss Paige we love you very much!

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