Friday, May 15, 2009

States ~ April 25 & 26th

I have so many great photos from states in Sarasota that I want to share a lot with of them with you. Stacy was Dock Master for awhile and was lucky to have Paige and her boys got to come in to his dock. One of those nice father daughter moments.

They did a great job in this flight. You can see Scott in the front not able to stand up. It took him a few minutes while the oars were being taken off the boat. He really gives it his all not an ounce of energy left to give.

You can tell they were happy with the race. They did not get first but they knew they did their best and could not have done any more and made it into the qualifying race later in the day.

Devin and Elgin came to say hello. They are Christina's kids. Christina is Heidi Steinhagen-Snowdens sister.

Elgin was playing down by the reeds I pointed out the sign to Christina.

The second flight of the day was to see if they would be in the finals the next day. They made it.

I think Marks face shows it all. He is the stroke for the boat.

Game face time.

Here is the last flight for the MJV8.

Stacy looking on. You can hear him think... come on Paige, come on Paige make the boys work...

The last walk off the dock.

Congratulations from Coach. Her smile...

Results for the MJV8
2nd place for scolastic club rowing state wide.
5th over all including club and scolastic rowing state wide.

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MangoShel said...

Yay you are back! I'm so glad, I've missed looking at pictures :) looks like fun. Paige has a tan!!!!I want a tan. Well I only have three more days of school (!) two finals a day. I bet Paige is ready to be done. Because we are going to be SENIORS!!! :D YAY. Anyway love the pics!