Saturday, October 13, 2007



Paige & Preston

Paige & Preston



The Three Paiges


Grandmother said...

A picture of her beautiful mother!
Hair is so natural, like Paige.
Preston and Paige look GREAT. They both look like there on top of the world. Thank Mom.

*Shelby* said...

Hey! Looks like fun! Maybe I'll get to talk to Paige a little today, I got a little messed up yesterday. Our event went good last night. I was nominated for most authentic. Thanks for the tips on doing my hair, lots of ppl said it looked really good and like Audrey Hepbruns. But I thought that's how Paige's was going to be! Okay well I have to work on my essay. ttyl love

Lisa & Family said...

You look great Paige. I love the shoes. You look the best out of the whole bunch.
Hope your Knees are feeling better. Uncle Floyd said to wrap them as tight as you can take it, keep the tendons tight. Have a great Monday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think she gets it from me!


Nannie Cathie